Monday, January 30, 2012

New split of Ego Depths

Well, on the 30th of December of 2011 the third split album of Ego Depths one man band was released. This time the space of the CD is shared with "Who Dies in Siberian Slush" - the funeral doom band from Moscow. Four heavy, ragged pieces of emotions, four fragments of fading life which will definitely squelch you.

This album is available for free downloading in 256 Kb/s on the official website of the label.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shine, My Boregarden - Who dies in Moscow sewage

From the Cold Capital of Russia - Tyumen -  located in the heart of the snow-bound Siberian wasteland mr.Cacophonyx brings the Siberian funeral doom; oh, we mean that it's not exactly funeral and not exactly doom.

Its sluggish, rugged and tangibly cold sounds could have been born only in a frozen tyumenian soul warmed by joy juice. Certainly Darth is a misanthrope. But who if not a misanthrope can show us our true face? Face of the overdeveloped monkey.

Ego Depths – Self-cognition through the discomfort and suffering

Ego Depths is a Ukrainian/Canadian project which specializes in meditative, slow and extramundane funeral doom metal. His discography includes a demo, a full-length album and a couple of splits.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Misanthrofeel - Calmly, leisurely

«Misanthrofeel is a non-professional composer from Russia. He works in progressive metal/rock, doom metal, acoustic, ambient genres…» blablabla

Don’t believe official pages, they tell you lies! Misanthrofeel creates cold and desperate landscapes of grief and sorrow, his music is mechanical and  punctual, but it is just  what makes you feel. Feel that you are alive as distinguished from the creations of this dispassionate composer.

Swamp (USA) - Fathomless moor of Architoa

Swamp is Stephen Hoffman's one-man band. Based in Indiana, US.
This guy plays leisured and viscous kind of sludge/doom and you can find a good lot of information about the project if you just follow the links contained under the "Moarrrgh!!1" button.

P.S. Stephen kindly agreed to give us an interview which is going to be published soon, so keep checking us out.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Interview with Misanthrofeel.

We could not but talk to the modest foe of smoking and just positive-proved man.

Interview with Darth K.I.A. Cacophonyx, man from Shine, My Boregarden

Well, it’s obvious that The Mushroom Brotherhood was created as a fan-club in the first place. But what’s a fan-club without feedback? That’s why we dared contact one of the worship monuments of The Brotherhood – Darth K.I.A. Cacophonyx. The hive mind of our mycelium laid down the following questions to its cult hero and Darth’s individual mind generated matching answers.

Hiazm - Loud Southern slush

And here we come with heavy and atmospheric sludge from the south of Russia by Hiazm. Its dirty underground sound reminds Loinen, Eyehategod etc. But. Though the sound production may seem to  be similar to some of these bands, the music itself is original and non-cliched. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hellcome to Brotherhood! That's our first blog and to be honest it looks a little bit rough at the moment but we are working hard on it. Follow us as we add new posts and materials.