Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Abyss of Anal Opression

This project is somewhat exceptional for our blog format.
First. Although all the tracks are created and recorded by just one guy (except for female backing voice), there are live perfomances on which the line-up extends up to somewhat three participants.
Second. The guy plays more or less melodic thrash metal/metalcore.
Third. Lyrics of his songs are sheer mockery dedicated to evil, Satan and dissected bodies. Well, to be honest they are real fun.
It's up to you really to decide whether it's worth listening but here are translation for the lyrics of the song presented in the video, official page and all the necessary stuff.


Creatures from hell
Penetrate into our world.
Furry kittens
Are Devil's servants.

Buy a kitten for your kid,
Buy a kitten for your kid,

Whenn crimson moon rises
The world will bathe in essense of the evil,
The kittens will turn into demonic creatures
And tear your heads off.

Kittens are Devil's servants,
They have furry tails.
Enormous horns will sprout,
The kitten will drive them in your chocolate starfish.

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