Monday, April 2, 2012

Ruins (Deu) - Chambers of Perversion (2010)

Breaking the silence and the series of funeralßdoom releases we proudly present a black metal release by Ruins with a short foreword by one of our brothers Urfeuer.

For the pregnant, kids and just too sensitive people it's better to keep clear from this release. Aesthetes are not welcome as well. There's a strong possibility that this riffraff will experience..ehm..a lot of feelings already taking a close look at the cover. And few of the listed above will be able to force their way through the blackthorns of rusty and rough sound. Though this sound is enschrouded in livid, I can even say, catchingly optimistic music. A little bit tawdry Black Metal is knit of riffs carelessly jointed with the framework of unbridled trash, sprinkled with yellowish-green blasphemies. Those vomity sounds bursting out from the throat of the vocalist are quite suitable here.
Sometimes there's too much of choleric zeal and Ruins literally consume themselves - the album boils up, bubbles, tracks end having just livened up. But given the status of the album (an EP, all the material is unique..almost unique) it's not that small. So, that's all rubish, I tell ya. The main thing is not to fall out of your chair while listening.

P.S. It's funny - in the digipack there's an extra copy of the CD with an explanation: "Give this extra copy of Chambers… to a friend & help spread the perversion!" (c) Urfeuer

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