Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wurzelkraft - Primitiv und Edel wie nie Zuvor (2008)

We, foreigners, probably are not at all aware of the existence of such a peculiar German as Pestilenz. The author of this review does not know much as well except for the fact that Pestilenz has a long beard. But in the Bavarian thicket he is a real star. At least he was a participant of a few good bands and could not have helped starting his own band. He recorded a couple of demos and this release is per se a compilation of tracks from those demos. There's a common for all his releases inclination to ringing instruments. All tracks are quite simple ("Urgewalt", for example consists of no more than a couple of riffs). But still the material is expressive and interesting and due to contrasts of the tracklist it gets printed on one's mind quickly.

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