Saturday, June 16, 2012

Erg Noor - The story (2007)

The hell I want to think out a review for this album. But this band is really worthy a couple of words to be said of. So, here's some information found on the Internet. Erg Noor is a project by Vitaly Zaikovsky, a Ukranian guy who now lives in Germany. He played in Anthropolatri, Nartana, S.O.E., Grim Lament and now is a part of Immaconcept and Mimosis. The band's style is defined as "misanthropic doom metal" and what you can actually find on Vitaly's releases is death doom with samples from Soviet TV and radio broadcasts. This album is to download for free at the official site. If you like this band and would like to download other releases just post a comment down here.

P.S. The video is from another album by Erg Noor.


  1. hello, I love your music. I need to find your album "seasons" why dont you have it for free like the others?? thanks, Ioanna.

    1. I believe you shoud try searching it on SoulSeek. There's little possibility that it can be found on the Internet.