Friday, February 3, 2012

Believe In Nothing - Blackened Drone Music with Female Redolence

Believe In Nothing - The 28th Day

Sandra Emmerich's one-woman-project, performing slow, droning, monotonous music significantly influenced by the early Satyricon. But it's better to say deeply soaked in Satyricon's atmosphere - the spirit of Dark Medieval Times imbues the whole record. Minimum of lofty synths - they open and close the drop-curtain of the album and their role is limited by this - we won't meet them during the listening any more. The main characters are Sandra and her guitar, that fills this short and undeniably tragic play with meditative and at the same time rough riffs. The secondary characters are the drums, measured and thin, and angelic voice that bemoans the wings lost for a dream that turned to be a fake. Everithing is performed and recorded so negligently that it just adds some charm to the music and does not spoil the impression. This work definitely deserves to be listened to.

Her discography includes two demos. You can download her second demo "The 28th Day" here.

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