Thursday, February 9, 2012

Methuselah - Do You Ever Sleep in the Abyss?

Methuselah - The Sleeper in the Abyss

Ostiarii Wakim:
Weird music. It can put bodily and unexplainable fear into your heart, like works by H.F.Lovecraft do. You won't even understand which of the host of ponderous phrases frightened you most. That's the music of the eternal fall into a fathomless well with no walls at all, and the surrounding darkness is full of Soggoths. Music that you hear in your nightmares, but awakening is much more frightening. Weird music.

This act is probably the very first ambient\doom work in my life which I can call eclectic. Well, it is eclectic after all, I think. The album starts with mild and soft ambient intro that shrouds you and to which some kind of oriental voices are later on added (actually I don't know for sure what these weird sounds are, so let them just be voices, huh). Minimalistic passages, thin drums and sounds of some kind of string ensembles reminding of neo-classic pieces, whisperings, growlings, other kinds of bla-bla-bla and a pinch of pianoes. Dark, gloomy, unusual, eclectic and, yes, a bit oriental - that, probably, would be the words to describe this album.

Actually this album is pretty easy to google out, but if you are lazy (of course, we all are, huh) you can dowload it here and do not forget to support artists.

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