Friday, February 3, 2012

Urban Junior - Warm, Southern, Weaten Music, Drenched in Crimson Light of Setting Sun, Soaked in Pinewood Smoke, Music Exuding Southern Rythms of Blood Red... Stop Woffling! Let's Ah Ah Ah Ah and Dance!

Oh, yes. This scrawny Swiss in a baseball cap and with a guitar decided that he can play oldschool boogi\rock'n'roll even in the beginning of the 21st century (even if one doesn't have a fucking long beard, a showy Stetson and cool sunglasses) - and we madly like the way he implements his ideas.

Lavishly flavouring juicy riffs with spicy sauce of electroclash, adding a pinch of blues, U.J. is bustling about in the infernal kitchen and, like a damned horde of rock'n'rollers before him, shows that the best recipes are the old recipes. What can one hear in these short rocking tracks. Helluva bands: Led Zeppelin, ZZTop, Buddy Guy, a host of crazy preachers and Alice Cooper of the early period. What concerns U.J.'s music that's a devil-may-care kind of southern rock mixed with electroclash. Excellent overfree riffs in combination with rocking dance beat boldly get into your head, going deep into the subcortex and touch the thread that binds you ears - try to get it off. Shortly speaking, for us, ordinary village guys, U.J. is just like brother - we dance and we get high.

Junior's discography includes three full-length albums and a handful of a 7” vinyl. You can download his first album "Music for the Asses" here.

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