Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mistress of the Dead - Reverberated sounds of Inhumation

Vlad Cristea Vales is a productive Czech musician (having started in 2004, he has released 11 demos, 5 albums, 2 splits, and a compilation album) who specializes in impenetrating, strongly reverberated and monotonic soundtrack to obsequies - in genuine funeral doom. His discography is a collection of nineteen similar-looking pieces of incurable sorrow - it is really difficult to distinguish his releases one from the other. But notwithstanding this, all of them deserve a bit of your close attention.

You can download The Blackened Cross (released in 2005, which was a successful year for Vlad), one of  Mistress of the Dead's numerous demos - here. You can also get other works by Vlad here and here.

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